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Free places to work in São Paulo

Great spaces to work and meet people

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It's been a bit more than a year since I've started working full time remotely at Scrapinghub. During this period I've mostly worked from home but I try to get out from time to time and meet up with some friends and getting work done at the same time.

São Paulo has numerous coffee shops where you can find free wifi and great coffee but they can be crowded, plugless and noisy. Luckily there are also some great places in the city which have all you need to get your work done and don't come at a cost.

Campus São Paulo

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Campus São Paulo is a free workspace provided by Google, which offers highspeed wifi, numerous seating options and a café that also serves hot food. This place is always full of interesting people and has everything you need for a solid day of work. It's located near Avenida Paulista, the business center of São Paulo. To be able to go, all you have to do is signup and you can go anytime without reservation. It also frequently hosts events (a list can be found here: https://www.campus.co/sao-paulo/en/events/).

Address: Rua Coronel Oscar Porto, 70 - Paraíso - São Paulo



They have locations all over São Paulo: https://www.sescsp.org.br/unidades/#/content=grande-sao-paulo One of my favorite ones is located on Avenida Paulista. It opened in 2018 and is a giant building, which not only has a great view that you can see from the top, but also a restaurant, library and numerous spaces to sit down and work.

If you're looking for a reserved space, then you could also use the numerous coworking spaces dotted over the city. A great way to find the closest one to you is using Beer Or Coffee. They have a list of coworkings in São Paulo: https://beerorcoffee.com/coworking/spaces/sao-paulo-sp

Is there a place that should be on this list? Let me know if you a have place you like to work in São Paulo.